CIN 65921DL1991PLC043087

Regd. Office: D 7/3,Okhla Industrial Area-II, New Delhi-110020

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Jan 2017
30.01.2017 Intimation of Board Meeting
22.01.2017 Submission of Reco of Share Capital Audit
21.01.2017 Submission of Shareholding pattern
16.01.2017 Submission of Statement of Complaints
15.01.2017 Submision of Corporate Gov Report
Dec 2016
01.12.2016 Submission of Annual Report approved in AGM and statement - impact of audit qualifications
01.12.2016 Resutls of voting and secrutinzer report
Nov 2016
30.11.2016 Intimation and submission of proceedings of 25th AGM
14.11.2016 Submission of Un-Audited Financial Results for the quarter ended 30th Sept,2016
5.11.2016   Notice of evoting for 25th AGM
05.11.2016 Notice of 25th AGM-Copy of Newspaper Publication
05.11.2016 Notice of 25th AGM
05.11.2016 Book Closure and cutoff date for evoting and AGM
03.11.2016 Intimation for revised dates for book closure and cut off date for e-voting
03.11.2016 Intimation to Stock Exchanges for meeting of Board of Directors on 14.11.2016
28.10.2016 Outcome of Board Meeting
20.10.2016 Intimation of Board Meeting on 28th Oct,2016
18.10.2016 Submission of Shareholding pattern for the period ended 30th Sept,2016
6.10.2016   Resignation of Independent Director Mr Om Prakash w.e.f 6.10.2016
6.10.2016   Appointment  of Independent Director Ms. Richa Kalra  w.e.f 6.10.2016
6.10.2016   Outcome of Board Meeting
29.09.2016 Intimation of Board Meeting on 6th Oct,2016 due to adjournment of meeting
30.05.2016 Outcome of Board Meeting and Submission of Audited Financial Results for the year ended 30th March,2016 alongwith statement showing impact of audit qualifications