01.12.2017  Submission of Secrutiniser Report

30.11.2017  Submission of AGM Proceedings

13.11.2017  Outcome of Board Meeting

10.11.2017  Intimation of resignation of Ms Shristi Singh CO. Sec.

23.10.2017  Submission of Sharholding pattern

10.10.2017  Submission of satement of Investor's Complaints

14.08.2017 Clarification to NSE regarding Appointment and resignation of Directors/ Auditor

11.08.2017 Unaudited financial results and limited review report of Auditors for the quarter ended 30.6.17 submitted

11.08.2017 Outcome of Board meeting held on 11.08.2017

31.07.2017  Intimation of Board Meeing to be held on 11th Aug,2017

24.07.2017 Update on AGM for the year 2017

24.07.2017 Reply to exchange on querry on Shareholding Pattern for the quarter ended 30.6.2017

22.07.2017 Submission of Reco of Share Capital for thequater 30.6.2017

19.07.2017 Submission of Shareholding Pattern for the quarter ended 30th June,2017

13.07.2017 Corporate Governance Report for the quarter ended 30th June,2017

10.07.2017 Statement  of Investor Complaints under Reg 13(3)  of SEBI LODR

30.05.2017 Outcome of Board Meeting held on 30.5.2017 - Approval of Annual Financial Results for the year ended 31.3.17 alongwith Auditor's Report and Impact of qualifications

22.05,2017- Outcome of Board Meeting held on 22.5.2017

18.05.2017- Intimation for Board Meeting on 22.5.2017 to appoint Additional Director & Company Secretary

18.05.2017- Intimation of Board Meeting on 29.5.2017 for consideration of Audited Financial Results for the year ended 31.3.2017

29.05.2017-Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit List Submitted for quarter ended 31.3.2017

28.05.2017-Submitted Regulation 40(10) for the quarter/Period ended 31-Mar-2017 

21.04.2017-Submission of Shareholding pattern 31.3.2017

13.04.2017-Submission of Corporate Governance Report -March 2017

12.04.2017-Submission of statement under Reg 13(3) for the quarter ended 31st March,2017